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Quarantine, while being difficult for all of us, is also a massive opportunity -- to build our foundations and get ahead in academic learning. So hop on the train, because success only rewards those who grasp the opportunity and utilize it to its fullest.

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Who are WE?

LOA: QLI (Libra Online Academics: Quarantine Learning Initiative) is a student-organized, non-profit online learning initiative that aims to provide free courses, tutoring help, and opportunities to connect students and study as a group outside of school during this time of crisis.

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What is our GOAL?

LOA’s main goal is to provide academic support for high school students across the Greater Toronto Area who want to receive additional learning opportunities outside of what is taught in school. Specifically, we want to help students who have been academically impacted by COVID-19 measures, and who want to improve academically during the quarantine. However, our initiative also welcomes anyone who wants to gain new skills and experiences, connect with similar-minded people, and learn about a variety of topics.

Images representing some of the classes we offer.
What do we offer?

In addition to courses based on the Ontario Grade 9 to Grade 12 curriculum, LOA also offers other useful STEM courses such as Introduction to Computer Programming, Basic CAD Design, and AP Computer Science. There are even arts and social sciences for those who want to start a new hobby. Aside from teacher-taught courses, LOA also serves as a free platform for students to form study groups and have a chance to connect socially. For further academic assistance, there is a free tutoring help program where a teacher answers questions about a course in a Q&A format.

Where are we now?

A goal this ambitious cannot be achieved without sufficient help from the community and other volunteers. Currently, LOA is under vigorous development with big plans for the next step. But with only 8 members, our initiative is in desperate need of knowledgeable student-teachers. We will warmly embrace anyone interested in joining LOA to help others learn during this time of crisis.

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